Wildebeest Migration Tour

Wildebeest Migration Tour

Wildebeests migration is one of the most amazing wonders of nature when millions of animals cross over from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya from July to October.

As Tanzania’s plains fade to yellow after the summer rains, millions of beasts act as if responding to a central impulse. The horizon fills, as far as the eye can see, with 1.4 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra, eland and gazelle, tracked relentlessly by opportunistic predators. This is the Great Migration – one of the most awe-inspiring sights on earth. Dwindling food sources command the first beast of this primal march, which begins on Tanzania’s southern Serengeti plains. As if following an ancient rallying call, the great herds migrate north towards the Masai Mara plains.

Come late July, the grasses of the western Serengeti die and the herds move on north. After crossing the Grumeti River in Tanzania, the herds head towards Kenya’s Lamai Wedge and the Mara triangle. However, before they are able to reach the succulent grassy plains of the Mara, they are faced with the next dangerous river crossing, the Mara River. This too is filled with hungry crocodiles.

By late July the animals have massed along the swollen Mara River – their final barrier from the sweet grass ahead. With wild eyes, they plunge in to brave the crocodiles awaiting abundant and easy pickings. Of those that survive the reptiles’ rapacious jaws, many drown or fall pray to lions waiting in ambush on the opposite bank. This dramatic life-and-death struggle is nature’s annual theater.

A living tapestry of waving savanna, sheltering thorn trees, rounded hills and tall gallery forest, the visual feast of the Masai Mara draws photographers and visitors from across the globe.

Game Drive

Game Drive

Game drives can be most exciting adventure for wildlife lovers, enthusiast and photographers. The drives are Masai Mara are designed to take you close to the wildlife rich spots gives you an opportunity to view wild animals in their natural habitat. Visitors can enjoy early morning game drives, afternoon game drives, full day game drives and thrilling night game drives.

Morning game drives
The early morning game drives start just before sunrise, where one is woken up by a cup of steaming hot Kenyan highland coffee. As the sun rises, we are out on the Savannah, taking in the fresh smell of the moist grasses and observing the scenic nature and it’s amazing wildlife.

Afternoon game drives
Enjoy a delicious lunch and spend the afternoon basking in the sun at the poolside. Afternoon game drives usually starts in the late afternoon and one returns to camp just before the darkness fall upon Mara.

Full day game drives
The full day game drives start just after you have enjoyed your breakfast and continues until the late afternoon. We provide you with a delicious picnic lunch basket with chilled drinks and hot Kenyan tea and coffee.

Night game drives
The feeling and the smells of the Savannah are completely different. Stronger. More quiet. With all plain game alert and watchful. One truly feels the dangers of the night as the big cat predators prepare themselves for the nightly hunts. We leave in the late afternoon and return to camp no later than 9pm for a late dinner.

Stars in Masai Mara are amazingly bright and the night has this velvety blue darkness. Perfect for a gin & tonic at the outdoor fireplace; exchanging stories of the adventures of the day.

Game Walk

Game Walk

Game walking is an amazing experience. It gives you an intense feeling of the greatness and the astonishing Masai Mara Ecosystem. Walk almost quietly through the diverse arrays of grasses and enjoy the fresh smell of the plains and the prickly heat of the sun.

Learn about fascinating animals and understand the very unique behavioral and anatomical adaptations that helps these animals to fit into their role in the Mara ecology.

All game walks are accompanied with an experienced Masai ranger (armed) and guides and arranged according to your endurance.

Balloon Safari

Balloon Safari

Balloon safari is one of the hot favorite with the tourists as they enjoy the birds eye view of the reserve and a memorable sunrise. Most of these safari are conducted in the early morning as you spend about one hour silently floating over the Savannah in a hot air balloon and it will fill you with enough memories to last a lifetime. Tourists are treated with a lavish breakfast after the hot air balloon flight. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of USD 500 per person which includes the transfers and a bubbly breakfast.

Included in the cost:

  • Transfers from nearby camps and lodges
  • Balloon flight
  • Champagne breakfast
  • Transfer back to camp after breakfast

Some of the well know tour companies conducting these safaris are:

  • Governors’ Balloon Safaris
  • Balloon Safaris Ltd.
  • Adventures Aloft Balloon Safari

NOTE: Don’t forget to carry a cap to protect your head from the heat of the gas burners.

Masai Village Tour

Masai Village Tour

You cannot go on Safari in Kenya´s Masai Mara without curiously having an urge to visit and experience the way of life for the most cultural tribe in Kenya. The Masai are one of the ethnic groups in Kenya who have preserved their culture amidst westernization. The villages of Masai are en-route from your Safari.



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